Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. From fitness and nutrition diets to finding our way to a certain place, our phones help us out in everything, and the essential cog in helping the phones be smart is the apps. And for an app developer, the major concern would be to find the best possible method to monetize the app, without losing any points on user experience.

The most popular ways of monetizing are freemium apps with ads, in-app purchases, charging users for ad-free versions or yearly subscriptions to premium contents. While new developers aim to keep their app free thereby appealing to a larger audience to install the app, their reckless use of ads to gain quick money often hampers the user experience.


Developers have deemed it necessary to think outside of the box and find more innovative ways to monetize their app. And one seemingly possible solution to their problems is affiliate marketing, wherein the developer can earn commissions through services or products a third party may sell through his app. Offer daddy is one such organization which helps developers earn money by using the affiliate marketing model. Such organizations act as middlemen between the advertisers and developers and help the app developers choose the best possible offers for their apps based on likes and dislikes of the users.


Once integrated with the app, OfferDaddy puts up an I-frame on the app wall which would then display attractive offer and coupons to the customers. It is a win-win situation for both as users stand to win the app’s virtual currency for completing or registering for offers, coupons etc and the developers earn a fancy commission for effectively acting as their sales force.

While people preferring to earn through tradition monetization streams is high, developers are looking to expand their horizons with a view to giving better user experience to their customers. Services like OfferDaddy help to bridge the wide gap between traditional display advertisements and user experience by trying to target customers with tailored offers specific to their needs.