What to Bring to The Beach

Things to Bring to the BeachIf you love going to the beach, you know as well as we do you don’t really need a lot of stuff to have a good time. But that doesn’t mean some gadgets and accessories can’t help you have an even better time while you’re there. That’s why we’ve come up with a great list of the top things you should bring with you to the beach on your next trip.

So without further fluffy content for the sake of upping our word count (see what we did right there?)… onto the list!

1. A GoPro Camera

That’s right, if you’re planning on doing anything fun at the beach (other than laying on the sand sunbathing) then bring a GoPro action camera. These things are boss for capturing the best moments in the fun and sun (and water!)

If you don’t have a GoPro, you can use any camera, but you wont get any cool action shots while you’re swimming or playing beach volleyball.

2. A Beach Blanket

This one is kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of people that forget to bring a beach towel/blanket to the beach.

I mean… it’s in the name. BEACH blanket. Bring one, lay on it and enjoy the beach in all it’s glory.

3. Spotify + Bluetooth Speaker

This one is a bit controversial because no one likes the obnoxious twat that blasts their music for everyone in a 10-mile radius to listen to. But having a small speaker played at a reasonable level is all good.

And life is so much better with music isn’t it? So bring spotify on your phone and hookup to the speaker and listen to some of of your favorite music. Or plug in some headphones and keep it to yourself – that works too! And it’s much more considerate of your neighbors.

4. A Beach Tent

This one is such a good idea, and I don’t see a ton of people putting it to use. Yes there are things known as beach tents and they’re incredible.

They’re basically like regular camping tents but for use on the beach. If you’ve never seen one check this out.

That’s pretty much it. There are a ton of other things you could bring to the beach for a great time, but those are our top favorites.

Now over to you – what are some must-have items you bring to the beach? Leave your answer in the comments below!